nicolaWBU“On 20th June 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was 42-years-old and healthy so it was a complete shock. Following my diagnosis I started to notice that every time I turned on the TV cancer was there, every time I turned on the radio it was there too, and in every magazine and newspaper cancer stories jumped out at me. It was like they were haunting me and I didn’t want to hear or see it; I just wanted it all to go away.

In the days that followed my diagnosis, the words of my consultant went round and round in my head: “Cancer diagnoses have risen, particularly breast cancer in younger women”, “We don’t know why it’s increasing” and worst of all; “One in two of us will get cancer”.
I went through the treatment process and am pleased to say that after a tough 12 months, I’m now in remission but the diagnosis has given me a new passion; I want to raise awareness and get people talking about cancer.

That’s how the idea for Worn By Us was born. I realised that the way to capture attention is through something that’s popular, and what, or who, is more popular than celebrities?

My vision is to create ‘THE place to buy clothes worn by celebrities’ and to raise funds and awareness for charities. We all have clothes in our wardrobe which we no longer wear, fashion designers and stylists use clothing in photo shoots and campaigns that don’t get used again, the same in TV, film, and music videos.

Since I decided to tell my story about my experience of cancer, I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of stories I’ve been told by people who have also been affected by this disease. My hope for Worn By Us is that it will allow us to build a community of people with a shared passion and purpose, who want to give back, share their stories, make a donation, and come together to raise awareness of cancer.”

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